Sunday, November 13, 2016

November 14-17

Projects: We are spending the entire month on genetics and heredity; learning how DNA controls everything in our bodies; understanding chromosomes and traits; getting familiar with Gregor Mendel's work; drawing and understanding Punnett squares; making personal discoveries about our dominant and recessive traits

6th & 8th Writing: We are continuing our argumentative writing; each student has chosen a topic and is writing an argumentative essay with 3 claims and one counterclaim. This week we are focusing on the thesis statement and writing an introductory paragraph.

Reading: Students are increasing awareness of the Civil War by reading Two Miserable Presidents by Steve Sheinklin; they are also becoming aware of the use of child labor in the world through a partially fictionalized account of a real child slave in Pakistan, Iqbal, who was assassinated by the carpet mafia of Pakistan a few years ago.

STORES will be held this coming Wednesday, November 16th

Next week there will only be two days of school---Monday & Tuesday---due to Thanksgiving.

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