Monday, May 8, 2017


This is our last week of testing for 6th grade. Still one more test to go (science) for 8th grade on the 17th!

Students are working on their museum exhibit project featuring World War 2.

6th grade has English Language Arts tests (SBAC) on Monday & Tuesday.

8th graders are researching and creating informative but fun multiple choice and true/false tests in a project titled "Is Your Uncle and Inca?"

6th grade is finishing a book club book on the book The Boy Who Dared, a boy in Germany that defied Hitler during WW2.

If you would like to send water, gum or snacks to school with your child to share it would be appreciated. Please ensure that your student gets good rest at night, eats a healthy breakfast each morning and brings something for her or his own personal snack.

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