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Hooray! I am finally catching up to my weekly blog! 
This quarter is about over---just 2 more weeks! Parents should have received an invitation to schedule for parent-teacher conferences. I am excited to meet with you, so please sign up, if you can. If the date and time do not work for you, please contact me so we can schedule another day.

We have Brainpop! You and your child can access it from home for a plethora of interesting, short, informative learning videos. 
pwd: isthisworthit 
(yes, this is worth it; please use it at home to reinforce learning)

MAVERICK MONDAY is happening on October 12th!
Students can bring money ($2 suggested maximum), walk as a class to Maverick and buy a small treat.

Projects: This upcoming week will be full of chemical reactions experiments. You may want to hide your vinegar, baking soda, alka-seltzer and matches, at home, after this week! There will be a fun  tie dying project  on Tuesday and a final written test the following week.
Students need to bring in a white cotton t-shirt, pillow case or pair of socks to dye. Nothing bigger than a pillowcase or they will not get to dye it.
6th Reading: Students are continuing with Blood on the River reading. They are also working on a reading project mini-book titled "Five characters That Would Make Awesome Friends". It is due on Wednesday and features 5 characters from their nightly reading this quarter. All students should be reading 20 minutes a night. They are also working in groups to create a poster about the 13 original colonies to culminate their Social Studies unit on Colonization this quarter. In addition, they have done some extended learning about Pocahontas and her relationship that aided the first successful English settlement in America.
6th Writing:This week students are writing a paragraph using chronological order that tells about something they have accomplished. Their daily journal writings will be earning a quarter grade, as well. Each week we practice cursive writing in a fun way. The best penmanship each week earns The Golden Pencil Award!
8th Writing: This class has a 25 word vocabulary test coming up on Wednesday. We are learning to identify purposes of writing and use 6 categories to initiate writing topics that they are interested in. This week they will use a movie to inspire questions and then will choose a topic to analyze and interpret. This will help prepare them for upcoming writing proficiency testing. They are a bright group of students with lots to say---now I want them to translate that into lots to write about!

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