Monday, October 26, 2015

Week of October 26th

STORES was a huge SUCCESS!

This week, Thursday, students will be able to wear Halloween costumes to school, but no masks or items that hide faces.

School dance on Thursday from 6-10. Cost is $5. Costumes may be worn. This is a very well chaperoned dance and should be tons of fun.

Projects: Students are learning about the American Revolution. This week they are researching, watching videos, and gathering information about acts, people, places, events, concepts, and important numbers. They will be working in groups of four to create a digital ABC book, incorporating their research information.

6th Reading: The entire class is reading George Washington's Socks in a book club format. They have a self-check form to ensure their participation in reading, discussion, predicting, summarizing, questioning, clarifying word meaning, and listening. There will be a project when we finish. 
We are also creating a graphic novel page on the French & Indian War, due this Thursday.

6th Writing: Students are using spatial organization to draw and write about their room at home. 

8th Writing: This week we are focusing on choosing a topic for their argumentative writing, writing a thesis statement, as well as, beginning research for pros and cons of their topic. 

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