Monday, December 14, 2015


First off, apologies, for not keeping the blog up this past month. My mother was gravely ill and I did a large amount of traveling, put 5,000 miles on my car, and have been crazy trying to catch up on everything I missed. My mom seems to be recovering, time will tell.

6th grade will go to the movie PAN, on Thursday---cost is $6 for movie, soda & popcorn. DO NOT let them bring any other money---they cannot spend it. Please email me if your child is unable to attend, so I can prepare an alternate activity for them. They will eat lunch early so they can still have their pizza for lunch.

8th grade is going caroling on Wednesday night. Students can bring a $5 gift for an exchange, if they so desire. 

Projects: your students know the Preamble to the Constitution---have them recite it to you. We have finished an inspiring unit on the American Revolution and the Constitution; they know the law of the land and all about their founding fathers and heroes of the American Revolution. 

6th reading: Students are completing a triarama depicting a setting from the novel George Washington's Socks 

6th writing: Students have been learning to organize their writing using various graphic organizers. They are writing persuasive and argumentative pieces.

8th writing: Students have written an argumentative paper, an explanation of how to do something they are good at. They are now demonstrating their skill and teaching the class how to do such things as: dance, braid hair, broad jump, repair a clogged fuel line, develop a sports skill, play drums, prepare foods, and much more! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  


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