Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January---let the quarter begin!

Wow! Half a year gone by already! New classroom jobs have been assigned.

Wednesday, January 20th is STORES.

Projects: We are studying motion and forces in science this quarter. Students are working in groups of four to create a Rube Goldberg type machine that has to have at least 8 working steps. This is a culminating project of the learning about simple machines and Newton's Laws of Motion (laws 1,2 &3). Your child has an assignment of materials to contribute toward the project.

6th Writing: We are focusing on writing descriptive informative and expository paragraphs using specific nouns, verbs adjectives and adverbs. They are using a thesaurus and improving their vocabulary. This week they are describing one of their favorite people.

6th Reading: Students have several interesting reading assignments. They have their choice of books for silent reading, a book club on the book Iqbal (ask them what it is about), and we are beginning a read aloud titled Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls. 

8th Writing: Students learned some specific skills in writing a good conclusion and then revised their concluding paragraph from their argumentative essay. This quarter is informative and expository writing, beginning this week with studying and writing a classification paragraph.

Specials: Drama, a new take on Romeo and Juliet

Attention! There will be no Valentines Day parties and NO passing out or exchanging valentines at school. Please direct your questions regarding this to the administration.
Thank you!

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