Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week of February 22nd

Projects: IF you have any shoe boxes or cardboard boxes about that size that you could give to us for science, please send them with your child Monday or Tuesday of this week. Thank you in advance! 
Final day and clean up for Rube Goldberg projects and beginning new unit on Energy

6th Reading: Summer of the Monkeys (read aloud); Iqbal Book Club (small groups); 5 minute fluency practice; book recommendations

6th Writing: Students are in their final week of word choice and formal vs informal language; their writing is improving!; Journal free write; ixl language arts practice; cursive writing and golden pencil awards

8th Writing: Journal free write, ixl language practice; Classification research and writing "Why is a ____not a ____?" example: Why is a frog not a toad? Students will conduct research and create a Venn diagram, a  poster and write a one page paper using either point by point or block method of comparing and contrasting.

STORES on Wednesday this week. (this is a re-run due to students inadvertently missing Stores last week.)

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