Monday, February 29, 2016

Week of February 29th

6th Grade will begin a weekly series called "Why Try?" to learn strategies and skills that will enable them to make good choices and steer clear of harmful activities and substances in their lives. It is taught by JPO Officer Brandon Bird. It is a 10 week program, to be taught each Monday.

Projects: We continue to explore How Energy transfers into various forms in the natural world. This week we will build mini catapults, graph data and interpret data.

6th Reading: We will finish the book Iqbal, explore child labor in the world, take 2 tests: vocab and comprehension from the book.

6th Writing: We will learn to make writing flow by combining short, choppy sentences into compound sentences. We will learn to avoid run-on sentences.

8th Writing: Comparing and Contrasting in writing by comparing two closely similar animals and finding differences. For instance Why is a moth not a butterfly?"

Drama and PE, as well. If any parents would like to help with PE on Tuesdays and Thursday, you are welcome!

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