Tuesday, July 19, 2016

SCHOOL SUPPLIES LIST for 6th and 8th grades 2016-17

Many of these items you may already have; most of them can be purchased at the Dollar Tree

6th grade:

48 regular pencils or mechanical pencils with lead (they don't need to bring all 48 now)
2 lg. erasers
3 black &/or blue ink pens (mainly for math and correcting)
one 24 pack colored pencils
one pack colored markers
4 black sharpies fine point-2 for self & 2 for projects sharing
2 black ultra fine point sharpies
duct tape for projects sharing
3 ring binder--2 or 2 1/2 inch
a set of divider sheets/tabs
10-12 clear protector sheets
1 zipper pouch with 3 holes to fit into binder---rather than a pencil box
5 pocket file folders with 3 holes---not the prong type
3 composition notebooks (with lined paper)
2 spiral bound notebooks
8 expo markers (4 for math & 4 for homeroom)
2 rulers-not too flexible/bendable--1 for math & 1 for home room
1 pr adult size scissors
2-4 lg glue sticks

8th grade writing:
pencils and pens
2 composition notebooks (with lined paper)
1 spiral bound notebook
3 ring binder- ( 1 or 1 1/2 inch) or they can add a writing tab to an existing binder---just not the math one!
2 pocket file folders  with 3 holes---not the prong type
6 protector sheets

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