Monday, September 14, 2015

I found it! August 31st and September 7th

The past two weeks have been fast and furious!

Projects: The report to the mayor about the sports complex and materials to use was due on August 31st, but a couple of extra days were provided if students needed them. We have begun a study of the basic elements of life and the periodic table. Students have a project due at the end of the day on Thursday to create a booklet (baby announcement or MVP award) on an element from the periodic table. They will work with a partner on this one.

6th Reading: We just finished our first read-aloud Never Mind, which they seemed to love. The class is enjoying the Garden of Readin" and beg for more "read to self" time. Several are trying to read a book a week for the quarter. There will be a prize for all who can do it. We are also doing some reading and study about the 13 colonies to prepare for our Social Studies quarter. This includes taking notes, making a timeline and informational posters about the colonies.

6th Writing: Students work to write and turn in a piece of writing every week. I am impressed with their skill and creativity! They are currently working as a team to compose a short story and also working alone to write another chapter to add to the book Never Mind.
8th Writing: These students are writing  profusely! They have two in-progress pieces that they are working on. The first one due will be a short report on the thirteen colonies, using their informal outlines from Reading class. They are also developing a narrative paragraph about a personal experience. Their first piece, about a sport, was a collaborative effort, with an individual final draft, as well.

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8th Writing: These students are writing consistently. They have learned some important techniques about writing topic sentences. In addition, they submitted paragraphs about sorts that was part collaborative and part individual work. Currently, they are writing a piece about the thirteen colonies, as well as beginning work on a personal narrative about one of these choices: a first time experience, a scary or dangerous situation, a surprising or unexpected event.

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