Friday, September 25, 2015

Week of September 21

Projects: Students research and studied about molecules; they created 2 models of two different molecules. The complex molecule was drawn and labeled; the simple molecule was a 3D model. I received outstanding work on this project! They will present to the class on Monday.

6th Reading: We are reading Blood on the River in learning about the 13 colonies. We are reading other articles about various aspects of the 13 colonies, including: founders, life in early America, Native Americans, slaves, economies, interesting facts and more. This will lead us into the American Revolution, which will be our next subject of study.

6th Writing: Students write every day. They free write on journal topics, proofread and edit, and compose a paragraph each week. Currently, they are improving their ability to add detail by elaborating and by using dialogue. We have begun practicing cursive in earnest. We are using language arts ixl, in class, to improve spelling and grammar skills.

8th Writing: Students write every day. They free write on journal topics, proofread and edit. They just finished a final revision on their 13 colonies paragraph, as well as putting finishing touches on their personal narratives. We are reading the narratives aloud, in class, which has been a little intimidating for most. However, they are a talented, hard working group, so they have had nothing to fear (but fear itself!). We are also learning and practicing important grammar skills by using the ixl program, in class.

Specials: 6th grade is exhibiting tremendous talent in Art each week.

NOTE: 6th graders now have classroom jobs and are earning class cash for doing their jobs. They will have to pay fines for minor infractions, work together, and spend wisely. They will be allowed to set up their own stores during"Stores" and sell items to each other. (no food or drink; they can sell used items or make new ones) In addition, we are trying to establish some monthly activities, such as Maverick Monday, when they get to walk to Maverick and buy a treat, as well as taco Tuesday when they get to walk to Taco Bell for lunch. More will be forthcoming on these activities.

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