Wednesday, September 2, 2015

week of August 24

This week flew by! 

Projects: students have been busy researching synthetic and organic products online. They were to complete evidence cards and their rough draft of writing. 6th graders have do write at least 2 pages and 8th grade have to write at least 3 pages. I gave them some guide sheets to use/complete that will guide their papers. For example, the first paragraph should introduce the project. the second one should define and/or explain the key terms: synthetic (how materials are made), organic, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Other paragraphs should address pros and cons of each material, and the final paragraph should be the recommendations to the mayor. Projects are due Monday, August 31st. 

6th Reading: We will begin incorporating social studies with reading. We are studying colonization, the 13 original colonies and events leading up to the Revolutionary War.

6th Writing: They have submitted their first paragraph, which was an article for a pretend school newspaper.

8th Writing: Writers used the writing process to plan and submit a paragraph about a "sports" topic.

We are introducing ourselves and getting our communties established through various Tribes activities. 


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